A Summer Place - Frank Lloyd Wright House

A Summer Place – Frank Lloyd Wright House

How often in a movie do you hear the phrase “Frank Lloyd Wright designed our house”? The last half of “A Summer Place” takes place in the most amazing house you could imagine spending a Summer vacation, and yes it was indeed designed by the famous architect. This is where the two love stories between the parents and the teens finally collide. A casual stroll along Carmel Beach will give you an up close gander of this architectural masterpiece built on Scenic Road. The private home is a series of hexagons and is constructed of Carmel stone with a copper roof, it looks like a ship about to set sail. The beach surrounding the house makes you feel as though Sandra Dee and Troy Donahue might pop up from behind a rock after some heavy petting. Plan your own ASP holiday soon, and if you are unable to make it to the Monterey Peninsula remember…
A Summer Place
Is that it’s anywhere
When two people share
All their hopes
All their dreams
All their love